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TFPC Under Vishal To Launch TV Channels With Exclusive Rights Over Tamil Cinema Content

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The TFPC and Nadigar Sangam are currently discussing plans to launch new television channels which would give them exclusive satellite rights over Tamil movies, music, and film related events. According to sources, an exclusive Cinema Channel, Cinema Music Channel and Cinema Function Channel will be launched shortly.
When contacted ,Vishal’s spokesperson refused to comment on the issue, saying it was “an ongoing thing”.
Through this, the Nadigar Sangam will have exclusive ownership over content produced by Tamil films. After the launch, the satellite rights of all Tamil movies will be granted only to the Cinema channel. Other popular, mainstream channels will not be allowed to bid on the rights,
Music videos, teaser and trailer content from upcoming movies will also be streamed only on the Cinema Music channel. Meanwhile, audio release functions and other celebrity oriented events will be showcased only on the Cinema Function Channel.

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