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Prime Minister's Office before the sudden TamilNadu farmers struggle nude! Sensation in Delhi

New Delhi 28-second longer struggling farmers, campaigning for nude protest. Jantar Mantar in Delhi demanding, farmers protested today ,ayyakkannu led farmers the Prime Minister's Office before suddenly naked. Them, arrested by Delhi police van carrying on.

On the 14th, Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, on behalf of the National Farmers Union South Rivers Connect, headed by President of the Association ayyakkannu launched an indefinite strike. Cauvery Management setting, bank loans taken by farmers tallupaticeytal, rivers link, for various demands including drought relief, are involved in different struggles

Skull, mud pots, rope, Rat meat, snake meat ullittavarraivaittu farmers protested in modern times. In this state, Narendra Modi did not hear demands that the accused met the farmers themselves, nude protest. In New Delhi, Prime Minister's Office before the exhaustion of clothes, continued to struggle. Delhi police arrested, and went away.

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