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Pa Paandi Movie Review

Actor Dhanush’s directorial debut is all about a simple story presented in a simple and neat format. It is heartening to see that one of the leading heroes has made a septuagenarian as his protagonist. Let us see how it has shaped up.
‘Power’ Paandi(Raj Kiran) an ex stunt master, living with his son’s (Prasanna) family. He leads a happy life with his son and grandchildren but his pro active lifestyle brings troubles to his son. Paandi, being a man of courage and righteousness takes on the local drug dealers and that puts the family under pressure.
There are more such troubles erupting from Paandi’s innocent and courageous ways. He tries to do many things to fill his emptiness but every effort ends up in putting the family in trouble.

Things get worse when Prasanna has to take his father out of the clutches of police in an assault case. He goes hard on his father who cannot digest it. Feeling misfit in this environment Paandi decides to go out of the family and explore new experiences on his own. In the process he rediscovers his past life where he meets Poonthendral (Revathy). The meeting gives him a hope of a new life.
Meanwhile the family, feeling very bad for letting the old man go. They desperately search for him. The whole family feels for the person and the son feels bad for treating his father the way he did.
What happens to Paandi’s travel and his rediscovery of his past? Could the family reunite?
Script analysis
Power Paandi’s major plus point is that it is as simple as it can be. Director Dhanush hasn’t tried anything hard or complicated to tell a simple story of a man and his feelings.
The narrative is straightforward bereft of unnecessary complications or artificial twists. Though there are some clichés in the first half, the movie turns more realistic in the later part..
It is a heart warming story about self-exploration of an old man who has achieved something in his life but still feels emptiness deep down his heart. The movie tells us that there is no age bar for exploring things. It also tells us how the relationship between the two generations should be.
Dhanush has carefully avoided making the son a villain in making an old man a hero. The son’s character is quite practical. You cannot find much fault with him. He reflects the changes in the time. He has erred in not interacting with his father but he hasn’t failed to give him love.
Despite living in a family that cares, the old man feels emptiness and that is something very deep. It is heartening to see that the debutant director has handled this portion with a lot of maturity. The writing is fantastic in the portions where Revathi and Raj Kiran meet.
There are some hitches in the narrative like the clichés in the first half. The second half too takes some liberty in the screenplay in effecting the meeting of Revathi and Raj Kiran. The stunt sequences involving Raj Kiran could have been better.
The flashback scenes are pleasant to watch but the director could have made it shorter.
Despite these shortcomings, the movie is worth a watch thanks to the deft dealing of human emotions without restoring to melodrama. The story and the treatment are touching. It is nice to see the smiling faces coming out of the theatre after watching the movie.
Veteran Raj Kiran plays his role with utmost conviction. His experience and maturity give the character a lot of credibility. Revathy’s short appearance lifts the movie to another level. Prasanna has aptly underplayed. Chaya Singh has done her role well. Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian have added value to the flashback scenes.
Music director Sean Roldan and cinematographer Velraj add immense value to the movie. Sean’s music, especially the background score, is excellent. He has created different feels for different eras. Soorakathu song stands out. Velraj has done a very good job in giving the movie an urbane feel. He has shot the flashback scenes with a different light.
Positive points
Story and script
Simple and heartening approach
Touching moments
Negative points
Clichés in the first half
Length of the flashback portion
Verdict: Dhanush’s directorial debut has come out as a neat entertainer with a strong message without going preachy. The balance between light and heavy moments is perfect.
Pa Paandi: Entertaining emotional journey
Rating: 2.75 stars

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