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Chennai 600028 2nd innings Review |Movie review

Rating : 2.7
2007 super hit 'Chennai 600028' Venkat Prabhu is now his directorial debut with the film the second part of the first film actors and technical team with Excitement of fans, 'Chennai 28' as much fun in the second part, 
"The Sharks 28l Chennai cricket team to part ways due to some job Karthik (Siva), Palani (Nitin Sathya), Kobe (Vijay Vasanth) Elumalai (ajayraj), Raghu (Jay), Seenu (Premji)  except Raghu and Seenu were closed together others where with there children are married.
For Raghu girlfriend Anu (Sanaa altahp) betrothed with. Raghu's friends are all married with families going to Theni, where a friend of them who quit Arvind (Aravind Akash) face against the man. He acts like a local in a petty gangster marutupandi (Vaibhav) feud with.
Playing cricket tournament attended by all friends of Arvind marutupandi. So there are some problems in the marriage and hangs Raghu.
Raghu's love, what happened? The effort to win friends while they win it? See the answers to the questions on the screen.
Chennai 28 'as much fun in the second part, no doubt, say that is good entertaining. Cricket board, also the competitive, friendly, sentimental, Emotion, Love, Glamour, stomach pain, all of that comedy is the second part.

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