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Best Site For Sell and earning Your Stock Photographs Online

Are you photographer of India. then there is the best way to make money online, By getting digital licence for your stock photo.

At first I define what is stock photographs,Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. To learn more about stock photography 

 Okay now stock photography market is growing  like globalization through internet you took picture as you see and make some colour correction and work on it.Then sell it in the market by uploading picture on the following website. which explained below.
At presents on opportunity for any photographer. If you are prepared to learn the in's and out's of the stock photography business, then it’s possible to do well and gain good amount of money from your hobbies 

  • big stock photo  this  website will pay you around $0.50 cents for every credited  image  where customer spend and for downloading image it will goes up $3 dollar. If you give full right to photography like printing on brochures, publishing in website etc you will earn up 35% of the revenue. you can make payment when your threshold limits reaches 30$dollar.
  • shutter stock  this website will pay you $0.25cents for every image download form your account upto the amount reach to 500$  This is the lowest paying size hence this site sell your Photographs in the subscription mode where you can download image but subscription  Above 500$ to $3000 you will earn $0.33cents for each picture.you can make payment when your threshold limits reaches 75$ dollar
  • I Stock  In i stock website you can earn upto 15% of  royality revenue  for each and every download. Do you have more 25o download with max 50%  you can choose to make IStockPhoto.com your exclusive agent so that you will get a higher royalty rate of 22% to 45% per download.  picture.you can make payment when your threshold limits reaches to 100%

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